Winter 2009 Issue

A World Apart
Pediatric Neurosurgery Team Delivers Valuable Care In Santo Domingo

In February, Scott McLanahan, M.D., of Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, led the Charlotte-based team of the International Hospital for Children (IHC) on the second pediatric neurosurgical mission to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The group went to provide much needed assistance to Dra. Sonia Fermin, the pediatric neurosurgeon of Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital.

During the week that the team was there, nine children underwent 11 procedures for a variety of conditions, including hydrocephalus, skull defect, intracranial cyst, and spina bifida. There was also an opportunity for Dra. Fermin and Dr. McLanahan to discuss other patients, review currently available hospital equipment and make plans for future visits. The trip represented many hours of preparation by the Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates team coordinated by Lisa Schloeder and including Kari Stolzenbach, Julie Smith, and Alex Hopkins.

This was the second neurosurgical mission trip to Santo Domingo in less than a year for the IHC-sponsored Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates team. In July of 2008, Dr. McLanahan and his team were able to operate on ten children ranging from seven months to 18 years of age. Again, these children represented a variety of neurosurgical problems.

“We witnessed firsthand the challenges that health-care providers in developing countries face”, said Dr. McLanahan. “Treating patients in places whose technology and supplies are not plentiful require
physicians and staff to be very resourceful.”

For more information about the mission trips, call 800-344-6716. To learn about The International
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