Fall 2005 Issue

On-Site Physical Therapy Makes Treatment More Convenient For Patients

Graham Claytor, MPT, and Ryan Klomparens, MSR, PT, now offer on-site physical therapy services at our new Charlotte office. These licensed physical therapists work together with our physiatrists and neurosurgeons to review patient progress, exchange information, and share ideas that lead to optimal patient care.

Graham Claytor, MPT
Ryan Klomparens, MSR, PT
Through one-on-one sessions with these therapists, patients receive the maximum benefit from their rehabilitation treatment. There is also an emphasis on patient education and injury prevention. For added convenience, patients can schedule physician and physical therapy appointments at or near the same time and in the same office. This eliminates the need for them to travel to two different appointments.  

“The addition of physical therapy to the practice will enhance the patient recovery and rehabilitation process,” said physical therapist Graham Claytor. “The immediacy of feedback among patient, therapist and physician will improve patient outcomes and fine-tune treatment sessions. This means that ultimately, patients will lose less time from work and resume normal duties more quickly.” For more information about our physical therapy services, call 704-376-1605.

New Physical Therapy Services
• Treatment provided by two licensed physical therapists
• Individualized in-clinic, and at-home, exercise programs
• Traction
• Skilled manual therapy and massage
• Patient education
• Future injury prevention

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