Spring 2004 Issue

Addition Of Mobile “Short-Bore” MRI Means Greater Convenience And Comfort For Patients

Our new on-site MRI services offer greater convenience for patients.
For the added convenience of patients, and to enhance their continuity of care, Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates recently added in-house MRI services to the practice’s Edgehill Road and Ballantyne offices. Now, patients requiring high-resolution brain and spine scans can have their MRI and practice appointment in the same day.

“It helps us see patients more quickly,” said practice neurosurgeon Tim Adamson, M.D. “A referring physician can make one phone call to order an MRI and schedule a patient appointment with our practice. It’s easier for patients because they only have to make one trip to one office.”

“Offering MRI services at the office greatly simplifies things for patients,” said Bryan Harmon, R.T. (R) (MR), Manager of Imaging Services. “In the time it used to take some patients to find a parking place at other facilities, they can park here, sign in and begin testing.”

In the past, some patients came to their first practice appointment and either forgot their scans or had not had an MRI yet. Because these scans are needed in order to evaluate a patient’s condition, the appointment would end up being counter-productive. The patients would not be any closer to getting the answers they needed and would have to schedule an MRI as well as reschedule their appointment with the practice. In addition, an appointment time that could have been used by another patient was wasted. Now the process is much easier at our Edgehill and Ballantyne offices thanks to our mobile MRI.

Patient Comfort
In addition to greater convenience, patients are more comfortable thanks to our GE short-bore, high-field MRI system. While it is not an “open MRI,” the five-foot bore and wider tunnel makes the MRI experience much less confining than traditional systems which can be as long as 7.5 ft. A shorter exam time, usually 20-30 minutes, compared to 45 minutes with older systems, is also possible due to increased computer processing speeds. Patients also benefit from the experience of our Manager of Imaging Services, Bryan Harmon. He has 13 years of MRI experience and supervises every MRI scan at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates.

“I take great pride in knowing that Bryan is managing our MRI services,” said practice neurosurgeon Mike Cowan, M.D. “I know patients will be treated well and the quality of scans will be the highest every time.”

“At this level of care, I think personal service is crucial,” said Bryan. “It’s natural for people to feel nervous when they have to undergo testing, but by offering a friendly, familiar face every time they come in for a scan, we can put them at ease and establish a true rapport.”

The Technology
The GE Signa Infinity 1.5T MRI system utilized by Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates is at the forefront of medical imaging technology. It was also designed with upgradeability in mind, so that we can continue to offer the latest in diagnostic capabilities to our patients for years to come. Available MRI services include:

• High-resolution spine scans
• High-resolution brain scans - including spectroscopy and perfusion studies
• High-resolution MRA’s of the head and neck
• Contrast available for ALL scans
• Exams stored electronically for quick access by physicians

For more information about the MRI services now available at our practice, call 704-376-1605 or 800-344-6716.

Patient Benefits Of Our New MRI Services:
Convenience - Patients can have their MRI and
practice appointment the same day at one location

Comfort - Short-bore MRI is less confining and
exam time is reduced 30% over most systems

Consistency - In-house technologists perform
every MRI so tests are always consistent

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