Fall 2004 Issue

Introducing The Adult Hydrocephalus Specialty Clinic
Patients Can Receive Treatment For A Condition That Is Often
Mistaken For Parkinson’s Or Alzheimer’s

Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates recently established The Adult Hydrocephalus Specialty Clinic (AHSC) at its Edgehill Road office in Charlotte. The clinic offers the latest in diagnostic techniques to identify and treat adults suffering from Hydrocephalus, including Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH). This debilitating condition, with symptoms that may include a shuffling gait, memory loss, and urinary incontinence, is often confused with other conditions affecting the elderly, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease or simply “old age.”

“While its symptoms mimic those of other illnesses, NPH can be accurately differentiated with appropriate diagnostic studies,” said practice neurosurgeon and Clinic Director, Scott McLanahan, M.D. “Once a patient has been adequately evaluated, we can then make a recommendation regarding CSF shunt surgery.”

Joining Dr. McLanahan at the clinic are Michael Heafner, M.D. and Martin Henegar, M.D. All three physicians provide diagnostic and treatment services through the AHSC. With the opening of this Specialty Clinic, patients in the Charlotte region will have access to specialty care for all forms of Adult Hydrocephalus on a par with other nationally recognized centers, such as those at Johns Hopkins in Maryland and the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.

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