Practice Physician Develops Online
Journal For Neuro-Oncology

Originally published Spring 2001

An online journal called the Select Review of Neuro-Oncology has been developed under the direction of Anthony Asher, M.D., F.A.C.S., of Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates. This project is sponsored by the Joint Section on Tumors of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurosurgeons, and is endorsed by the Society for Neuro-Oncology.

“It is my hope that this will be a valuable resource for individuals with an interest in Neuro-Oncology,” said Dr. Asher, who is also editor-in-chief of the journal. “The objective is to provide a periodic summary of pertinent information related to brain tumors.”

Dr. Asher emphasizes that a distinct and important feature of this effort is its multi-disciplinary focus. The journal has grown into a forum involving physicians from 13 different specialties from across the United States. The Select Review in Neuro-Oncology is updated periodically and is divided into four sections:

• Journal Article Reviews

• Meeting Abstracts

• “What’s Hot In Neuro-Oncology” - a review of important issues in neuro-oncology by invited contributors

• Featured Articles - commentary by the authors of selected articles

Visitors to the site can view the complete current issue or search the entire Select Review database of articles based upon the following criteria:

• Issue number

• Subspecialty

• Type of article (journal article or meeting abstract)

• “What’s Hot” articles

In addition, there is also an opportunity to download each issue of the Select Review in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you would like to be notified when new issues of Select Review in Neuro-Oncology are released, join the notification listserve. This is a private listserve that will be limited to letting you know when the next issue of Select Review has been released. Go to to register. For more information, go to or call Dr. Asher at 800-344-6716
or click here.

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